Sunday, August 16, 2009

VvB Stiletto Heels

While I was visiting Addictions Latex I notice some shoes off in the corner made by VvB. I thought this was a usual case of designers co-locating. It turns out VvB has a few locations and the main store is at Dark Eternity. The vendor displays seemed a bit dated and dull, but I'm not into the goth scene, so maybe it's just me. The shoes look nice and there are matching cuffs.

I was disappointed that there were no demos available until I ran into the designer and owner Viktoria Brandenburg at Hugo's Design. I was speaking to the manager of Hugo's and out of the blue Viktoria gave a pair of shoes as a free gift :) I did not recognize her at first. I must say, these are some mighty fine high heeled platform shoes and boots!

When you visit the main store be sure to go upstairs to see the boots.

Price Range:
  • Shoes, L$150-850
  • Accessories, L$25
Owner/Staff: Viktoria Brandenburg - Owner

In Their Own (Key) Words:
Shoes, heels, stilettoes, platforms, fetish, extreme, patent, leather, fetish shoes fetish heels fetish stilettoes fetish platforms fetish footwear fetish fashion extreme shoes extreme heels extreme stilettoes extreme platforms extreme footwear extreme fashion patent leather mistress slave domme dominatrix
Language(s): English, German (limited)

SLURL: (Mature)

Last Updated: August 16, 2009

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